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Otherwise, to access specialist domestic abuse support call Victim Support on 0808 168-9111 or talk via Live Chat.

Adolescent to parent violence

All feelings are acceptable, violence is not

Adolescent violence can be perpetrated against mothers, fathers, siblings and carers by daughters and sons. There are many reasons why it occurs. These include children witnessing or experiencing family violence or other forms of violence and repeating abuse patterns towards others, parenting styles, in times of conflict, traumatic or stressful situations, mental health or drug and alcohol issues and other contributing factors. Sometimes there is no apparent reason why it happens.

Adolescents often use stress, anger, frustration as an excuse for their violent behaviour, or blame others for provoking them. It is important to separate feelings and actions. The person being violent is always responsible for their own behaviour.

You don’t have to know why things are happening to enable change to happen. Even a small change can be an improvement in the situation. The adolescent will not be able to stop their violent behaviour on their own. With support from others, you can help to facilitate the change.

Information booklet

This 16-page booklet has been produced to increase the safety and wellbeing of parents and carers, and provide strategies to support them to parent their adolescents in ways that promote caring, responsibility and non-violence.   Download: Adolescent violence to parents booklet

Published with the support of Kent and Medway Domestic Abuse Strategy Group, 2014.


In this podcast Dr Caroline Miles, a Lecturer in Criminology and Joint Programme Director for the Criminology degree at the School of Law, talks about her joint research with Dr Rachel Condry that looks at adolescent to parent violence from the perspective of the young person.

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