In immediate danger call the police on 999.
Otherwise, to access specialist domestic abuse support call Victim Support on 0808 168-9111 or talk via Live Chat.

Help in Dartford

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There are a range of support services available across Kent and Medway that can provide advice to individuals experiencing domestic abuse. In addition there are a number of national domestic abuse specialist services that offer 24/7 telephone advice...

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SSAFA – The Armed Forces Charity

Our support covers both regulars and reserves in the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the British Army and the Royal Air Force and their families, including anyone who has completed National Service. They are all entitled to lifelong support from SSAFA, no matter how long they have served.

SSAFA helps the armed forces community in a number of ways, though our focus is on providing direct support to individuals in need of physical or emotional care.

Addiction, relationship breakdown, debt, homelessness, post-traumatic stress, depression and disability are all issues that can affect our members of our Armed Forces community. Many of these problems only become apparent when an individual has to leave their life in the Forces and join ‘Civvy Street’. SSAFA is committed to helping our brave men and women overcome these problems, and rebuild their lives.

Rights for Women

We are a women’s charity working in a number of ways to help women through the law. It is important that you understand the law and your legal rights.

Our telephone advice lines provide vital free and confidential legal advice to women.

Please note that we cannot give legal advice by email.



Family Law - 020 7251 6577

Criminal Law - 020 7251 8887

Immigration and Asylum Law - 020 7490 7689

EU Settlement Advice - 020 7118 0267

Sexual Harrassment at Work - 020 7490 0152



Open hours

Family Law Helpline - Tuesday: 7pm – 9pm, Wednesday: 7pm – 9pm and Friday: 12pm-2pm
Criminal Law Helpline - Tuesdays: 7pm-9pm
Immigration and Asylum Law - Mondays: 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm, Thursdays: 10am – 1pm & 2pm – 5pm
EU Settlement Advice - Tuesdays: 11am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm, Wednesdays: 11am – 1pm & 2pm – 4pm
Sexual Harrassment at Work - Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays: 3pm – 5pm & 6pm - 8pm


We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. We won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect.

There’s a network of local Minds across England and Wales that offer specialised support and care based on the needs of the communities they support.  Please click on the weblink below to access your local Minds service.


Forced Marriage Unit

In the UK the Forced Marriage Unit assists actual and potential victims of forced marriage, as well as professionals working in the social, educational and health sectors.

See our pages on information for professionals and information for victims for more information.

Abroad, we work with embassy staff to rescue victims who may have been held captive, raped, forced into a marriage or into having an abortion.

Dogs Trust – Freedom Project

The Dogs Trust Freedom Project is a free and confidential fostering service for dogs belonging to people fleeing from domestic abuse.

This service runs in Greater London and the Home Counties (Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire), Yorkshire, the North East and North West of England and Scotland.

We will keep you regularly updated with photos and updates about how your dog is getting along, until you can be safely reunited with your pet. We can care for dogs on the Freedom Project for up to 6 months, in some cases we can make short extensions if needed.

For more information please call our experienced and understanding team.


Dandelion Time offers help to children with very challenging emotional issues, often resulting from trauma, violence or serious health difficulties in the family. Our approach is family based and creates opportunities for new beginnings and improved relationships.

The service recognises the importance of being in a peaceful natural environment, absorbing children in calming hands on activities. Therapists guide families to harness the healing powers of the natural world using materials such as wood, wool and clay, to care for animals and to grow and eat healthy food thus laying down new positive memories.

This helps them to discuss and explore the difficulties they are facing and enables the wider family to come together to build stronger bonds. Children grow in confidence and resilience and have achieved remarkable and long lasting changes in their lives as a result of coming to Dandelion Time.



01622 814001



Open hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Dads Unlimited

We are here because we want to help. We want happy and healthy children, and that starts with a happy and healthy dad.

We don’t bite, or judge, we listen. And then by working with you, we will offer advice, support, and a community that we believe can help you to be a happier, and healthier father.

The purpose behind Dads Unlimited is 3 fold really:

  1. To offer up practical advice and guidance on the legal and emotional issues around separation/divorce and access to your children;
  2. To support a Dad, be him Single, Married, Widowed or Full-Time Carer, on everything to do with Parenting, their Mental Health and their Emotions; and
  3. To develop a community of Dads who have either gone through, are going through, a separation/divorce and are either having difficulty in seeing their children, or have their children already and want to improve their parenting skills; or just want to open up about their emotional/mental health and/or talk about and find support if they have been a victim of domestic/emotional abuse, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it will organically grow as more and more Dads/Men come forward who are looking for the same thing.


01233 680150



Open hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Childs Vision

Child’s Vision was set up to help and support children that have witnessed or have been affected by domestic abuse. We have a background working with those affected by domestic abuse and found that there were not enough resources around to help children. We are therefore working with the NSPCC to deliver their ‘Domestic Abuse Recovering Together (DART) programme into local schools. We also hold a support group regularly where all are welcome and we regularly have fundraising events which can be found on our website and Facebook page.

Family Matters – Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Services

Family Matters is the UK’s largest charitable, specialist service provider for child and adult survivors of sexual abuse and rape and provides:

  • Trauma counselling for both Adult and Children survivors of Sexual Violence, this is a free service to residents of Kent and the London Borough of Bexley. Therapy sessions are weekly and up to 12 sessions face to face, online or telephone. Therapy can be pre and post trial, reported or not reported.
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) for both children and adults to support rape and sexual assault victims to come to terms with the aftermath of their assault. ISVAs are specifically trained to look after the victims needs and to ensure that they receive care, understanding and know their rights and entitlements.   An initial Risk and Needs assessment is completed to identify the support required and onward referrals made if applicable and signposting information given. Information, help and support can be provided even if you have not reported to the police.  Assistance is offered to help you through the criminal justice system, from reporting to police through to trial at court.

Rubicon Cares (Counselling Service)

At Rubicon Cares, we provide trauma counselling throughout Kent & Medway for people affected by ANY crime. This is a free, confidential service to help people deal with the affects of, and move on from, what has happened.

The crime incident can be historical, current, reported or unreported to the police……it is the impact on you which is important to us. The impacts on a person of something done against them can be wide and varied. This is why we believe in focusing the counselling on what you would like or need.

We also have a specialist helpline service which is available 4 times a week to support on a short term basis those who cannot get to us or would like further information about the counselling.


Helpline - 07505 709876



Open hours

Monday, Thursday and Saturdays: 12 midday – 3pm
Wednesdays: 7pm – 10pm