In immediate danger call the police on 999.
Otherwise, to access specialist domestic abuse support call Victim Support on 0808 168-9111 or talk via Live Chat.

Silent Solution

The Silent Solution system enables a 999 mobile caller who is too scared to make a noise or speak, to press 55 when prompted – to inform police they are in a genuine emergency.

The system is well established in the UK. Police will not automatically attend to a silent caller. The system filters out thousands of accidental or hoax silent 999 calls made daily.

Callers need to listen and respond to questions and instructions. It is important to try and provide as much information as you can during the call – in any way you can. You can respond in many ways, including by coughing or tapping the handset if possible, or if using a mobile phone, once prompted by the automated Silent Solution system, pressing 55.

If you are unable to listen to the instructions given by the system, you should continually tap the handset or continually press 55 to help the system recognise the call as an emergency.

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