In immediate danger call the police on 999.
Otherwise, to access specialist domestic abuse support call Victim Support on 0808 168-9111 or talk via Live Chat.

Protection Against Stalking & Cyber Stalking

Stalking is persistent and frequent unwanted contact from another individual – for example being sent unwanted emails. It is illegal. Whether you are being cyberstalked by a stranger or a partner, report it to the police – you have right to feel safe.

Most online abuse is part of a pattern of abuse experienced also offline. Many relationships that begin romantic can develop to be controlling and abusive, where partners check texts and emails, or locations of social media posts.

Available Resources

  • webinar from Protection Against Stalking gives an introduction to these forms of abuse, who it affects, and the risks and tactics associated with stalking and how you can safely plan around them in your work. This features as part of the Domestic Abuse: Its Everybodys Business , a series of e-resources to help you learn about understand and feel empowered to speak out against this devastating social issue and support those that need help.
  • Women’s Aid has published comprehensive advice and many resources for keeping safe online, read the Digital stalking leaflet or visit Women’s Aid website Online and digital abuse for more info.
  • Victim Support describes what cyber crime means and signposts to more helpful resources.
  • Cyber Aware – read UK Government’s advice on how to stay secure online at Cyber Aware.
  • Get Safe Online is a public / private sector partnership supported by HM Government that provides practical advice on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobile devices, and how to deal with cyber stalking at Get Safe Online website.