In immediate danger call the police on 999.
Otherwise, to access specialist domestic abuse support call Victim Support on 0808 168-9111 or talk via Live Chat.

Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC)

The Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference is a regular meeting where agencies discuss high risk domestic abuse cases, and together develop a safety plan for the victim and his or her children. Agencies taking part can include Police, Independent Domestic Violence Advisors (IDVAs), Children’s Social Services, Health Visitors and GPs, amongst others.

Why am I being discussed at MARAC?

If you have disclosed information about domestic abuse, be it physical, emotional, sexual or psychological abuse to a professional, and they have determined that you are at high risk of further or increased harm, they can complete a referral to MARAC. The professional may have asked you a set of questions called a risk assessment in order to make this determination.

Can I refuse permission for my case to be discussed?

You will be asked if you are happy for your information to be shared at MARAC. However, even if you are not happy with this, the MARAC agencies do have authority to share information without your consent where there are serious concerns for your safety. Our priority is to safeguard you and your children.

What happens at MARAC?

Incidents involving your case will be discussed and any identified risks will be outlined. Jointly, agencies will then decide what action plans can be put into place. This may mean making referrals for your home to be made safer, or making referrals to other services who may offer you more support. Alternatively, this may involve helping you move to increase your safety, or helping you seek orders to prevent your ex-partner from contacting you.

Victims cannot refer themselves into MARAC. However, the professional speaking to you should tell you they intend to refer you, and you should be offered an update on the outcome of the MARAC discussion.