In immediate danger call the police on 999.
Otherwise, to access specialist domestic abuse support call Victim Support on 0808 168-9111 or talk via Live Chat.

Domestic Abuse disclosure scheme – Clare’s Law

If you want to find out if a current or former partner has been violent in a previous relationship you have the right to ask the police,

Clare’s Law gives any member of the public the right to ask the police if a current or former partner has been violent or abusive in a previous relationship. A close friend or family member can also make an enquiry into the partner of someone they know. The police will carry out checks and if they show that the person has a record of abusive offences, or there is other information to indicate that they pose a risk, the Police will consider sharing this information with you. You can call 101 or go to a your local police station to make an application.

Clare's Law

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