27 Week Domestic Abuse Programme (CDAP)
County Wide Service

The Community Domestic Abuse Programme is a rolling programme of evening sessions. It is designed to help men who feel their behaviour towards their partner has been, or is still, abusive. Kent CDAP challenges that behaviour and shows you how it affects your partner or ex-partner and any children that may be involved.

We know it can be tough facing up to difficult problems. This programme will support you to make the changes you need to develop respectful, non-abusive relationships so that you are safe around your partner and any children

The 27-week evening programme focuses on the intentions, beliefs and effects underpinning domestic abuse, including learning strategies for overcoming abusive and controlling behaviour. Partners of participants are supported throughout the programme.

The first step is to decide if you want to change your behaviour. After that, contact us and we will offer an interview to assess your suitability.

East Kent: 07955 039703
West Kent: 07596 228891

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Groups run in the evenings.

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