12 Week Domestic Abuse Programme for Kent and Medway
County Wide Service

Are you worried about your behaviour towards your partner?

This 12 session group programme for men aims to explore and address abusive and controlling behaviour within heterosexual intimate relationships. The group will increase your awareness of the effects of your behaviour on partners and children, whilst developing the skills you need to reduce harm and to maintain respectful relationships.

The first session will be an individual session to introduce you to the programme and the group leaders. You will also have an opportunity to discuss any other questions you have. You will be asked to sign an agreement which sets out the expectations for attending the group.

Provisional Start Dates & Locations:

February 2017 in Maidstone area
June 2017 in Medway area
September 2017 in Thanet area

There is no cost to attend the group, however group members will be expected to attend ALL sessions.

An agency may have told you about this group, however you will need to take the next step yourself and ring the number given below to find out more about the group. You may then be offered a telephone interview to decide if this is the right group for you.

If you are interested in joining the group please ring the number below and leave your name and contact number:

01227 812531

Additional groups and locations may be arranged should there be a demand for this; to register your interest call the number above. Leave a message including your name and contact number so that your call can be returned as soon as possible.

01227 812531