Victim Support Compass Points
County Wide Service

People affected by crime will now be able to make initial contact with us in person in locations across Kent, as well as through our telephone call centre and via our website. You can continue to access our services without reporting it to the police, regardless of when the crime took place.

Compass Points are our way of bringing Victim Support into various communities in Kent. Compass Points will be hosted by trained Victim Support volunteers and supported by staff who have been selected for their knowledge of the local areas to ensure that the support we offer is tailored to meet their individual needs.

Each Compass Point will be open for two hours every week and will give people affected by crime the chance to seek support on a walk-in basis. At the Compass Point, you will be able to seek information, emotional and practical support that is tailored to help you move beyond crime. Compass Points also offer security items to help increase your feeling of safety and security.

Supportline - 08 08 16 89 111
Victims' Information Service - 08 08 16 89 293